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The Game

Sabacc is a game of skill and chance played in the Star Wars universe. It is the game in which Han Solo reputedly won the Millenium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. For a game invented in a fictional, futuristic setting, and for being far from the focus of the movies or any of the literature related to it, Sabacc is actually a quite interesting and well-balanced framework for games. There are so many variants on rules, and due to the vagueness with which authors have described it, so many interpretations of those variants, that the possibilities are nearly endless.

Sabacc uses a deck of 76 cards; 60 numbered (or ranked) cards divided into four suits, and 2 each of 8 special cards. The deck used in this particular variant is the 'original' Sabacc deck; other variants use modified special cards. The reason this is possible is that the cards are actually changeable; they have internal processors that change the card image displayed on them when a hand is dealt, or each round when some cards shift. Each round, a player may decide to place some cards in an interference field (depending on the rules), where they are unaffected by shifting. The player may also bet into the Sabacc pot during each round. The object is to score a hand of four cards worth a total of 23 or -23, called a Pure Sabacc. Lesser hands include 46, called Sabacc, and various arrays dependent on the rules.

On a player's turn during any round, the player may call the hand. All players show their current hand and the player with the highest score (between -23 and 23) wins the hand pot that has culminated during the hand. Pure Sabacc beats any other hand, followed by Sabacc. If the rules include other special hands (such as arrays) they are ranked as well. Any Sabacc, plus certain arrays, win the player the Sabacc pot as well (which builds over the game until won).

In this particular game, you are playing against the dealer one on one. In this casino-style Sabacc variant the dealer shows one card. Click "New Hand" to start a new hand. You may place a bet, which will be added to the hand pot during the following round (if you place a bet and call the hand in the same turn, that bet will not be in the hand pot and thus will be ignored). After you have finished betting and arranging your cards in or out of the interference field, click "Next Round" to give the dealer his turn and allow for shifting. The Sabacc pot increases by a credit each round. If you think you can win the hand, click "Call Hand". You or the dealer may call the hand on the fourth round or any subsequent round. If the player who calls the hand does not win, he or she not only loses the amount bet, but must also pay an equal amount into the Sabacc pot. A bust (above 23 or below -23) or a hand value of zero also results in the bet amount being paid to the Sabacc pot.

House Rules

High Scores

You can see the list of the top twenty biggest winners we've ever had on the High Scores board. If you do well enough, click "Cash Out"; you might join the ranks of the galaxy's most skilled gamblers.


Casino Sabacc is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. It includes this HTML file, the accompanying JavaScript file, and two card sets. You may download Casino Sabacc using the following link:


The program code and definite game system was created by Aaron Mavrinac. All Star Wars images and concepts are copyrighted by Lucasfilm Ltd. The concept, cards and basic rules for the game of Sabacc originated in Star Wars literature; the sources used in this game include books by Timothy Zahn and materials published by West End Games. The default card set was created by the author of the software. The SWAG card set was created by members of the Star Wars Artists' Guild.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
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